Katherine Jacobs Reviews The TRANSIenT Exhibition

Memory is often imagined as a particularly frail and erratic filing system; one which inexplicably loses information, erases bits at random and allows its contents to become blurry or faded. As one psychologist bluntly conceives it, ‘our memories develop holes, like an old pair of curtains that is being eaten by moths’ …

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TRANSIenT Exhibition Catalogue

Download the catalogue for the TRANSIenT exhibition here …

Shatter (Detail)

2000 x 2000 mm. 159 SAA Boarding passes and pins. 2008

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Michael Smith Introduces TRANSIenT Exhibition - “Vulnerability in our DNA: the work of Lyndi Sales”

Contemporary culture deals with the trauma of airplane crashes in a very particular manner. Sense is imposed on the aberration that such events represent, usually through the application of narratives onto the tragedies …

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