September 2006

Joyce Monson Reviews The 1 in 11 000 000 Chances Exhibition

Notwithstanding Lyndi Sales’ skilfully executed work on the universal themes of chance, loss, memory, and the fragility of life, her exhibition 1 in 1 000 000 chances is somewhat marred by a bewildering absence of one material fact: The point of departure here is a plane crash …

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1 in 11 000 000 Chances Exhibition Catalogue

Download the catalogue for the 1 in 11 000 000 Chances exhibition here …

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Curating The Gravesite” An Introduction To 1 in 11 000 000 Chances By Pippa Skotnes

On the 28th of October 1987 the debris of flight SA 295 floated down to the bottom of the sea. The bits of metal, glass, fabric, plastic, fragments of life vests, the cockpit voice recorder and the disintegrated and still undeclared contents of the hold drifted more than four kilometres to the abyssal plain …

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