Castle in the air opens on the 1st September at 6pm and ends on the 8th of October
Sales’ new body of work exists at the interface of art and rationalism, reason and wonder. Working with hand-woven textiles, sculptural installation and painting, she uses the “basic building blocks of the universe” as a departure point for her artistic enquiry.
Whilst located in a scientific register – an interrogation of the properties of light or the cold crystalline structure of chemicals – this original departure point is refracted through the lens of art and infused with a deeply personal aesthetic sensibility. Conceived symbiotically, Sales’ surprising melding of art and science take on new and curious configurations. For Sales, it is wonder that binds art and science in mutually beneficial exchange.
1 September - 8 October 2016
2 Jellicoe Ave
Rosebank 2196
011 788 4805