Vision, perception and the imagination were my starting point for this body of work. An eye condition began my investigation into eyesight dilemmas and perceptual associations occurring due to astigmatism. Conditions of blurring, double vision and visual illusions typical of this condition, resulted in the creations of abstract paper cut outs, drawings and a spirographic string installation.

In my new works, I refer to the configuration of the hexagon as the substructure of the cornea. This shape also occurs and is replicated in the segments that cover the space telescope mirror, hexagonal fractured patterns, nets, matrices, webs and spirographs. These forms, objects and instruments allude to something which is not easily visible to the naked eye.

Looking into the blind spot is where we view less, but might see more. Optical and distorted illusions as well as color theory, fracturing of light, color vibration and color spectrum models are investigated and utilized as a reference to vision.

In my recent works, microcosms and macrocosms become sites of unease but also act as locations where projections of utopian notions are imagined. Dystopias reveal themselves as sites or situations that the eye does not want to see. Details become blurred and a contradiction occurs where the viewer is unsure of what he/she is looking at. The imaginary notion of a utopian vision as a landscape is the result of a psychological condition of denial. Similarly, stargazing and the belief in other dimensions become a form of escape, whereby looking out into the vastness of the universe serves as a license for the imaginary, deeming the here and now minuscule and insignificant.

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